Pierre-Yves Monette (Process Design)


Pierre-Yves Monette (Belgium - Process Design, Constitutions, Natural Resources) Mr. Monette, during his tenure on the Standby Team, has been most significantly deployed in Africa, especially in the Sahel, and in Asia. In Mali, he has assisted MINUSMA throughout the peace process, in supporting the implementation of the 2013 Ouagadougou Preliminary Agreement, advising the Algerianled peace talks, and assisting the implementation of the 2015 peace process. In Central African Republic, he coached the National Mediator for the 2011 ceasefire between the government and main opposition groups, assisted during the talks, and co-wrote the 2012 transitional constitution. In Chad and Maldives, he supported Resident Coordinators in preparing conditions for political dialogue, and in Burkina Faso for strengthening the reconciliation process. He has also been active in different water-related conflicts. Mr. Monette is a former National Mediator of Belgium (1997-2005) and is honorary Counsellor to the King. He speaks English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Pierre-Yves Monette