Justin Welby
United Kingdom

“The High Level Advisory Board acknowledges the value of personal experience and the less formal networks and relationships which contribute to preventing and mediating conflict in our divided world. Many of these conflicts have a religious dimension and the ability to work with faith communities is a critical factor in mitigating many conflicts. Including religious leaders on the Board is an important way to build trust and confidence in the role of the church in preventing and transforming conflict and in post-conflict reconciliation, and for the church to work more closely with the United Nations and others working for peace. I am honoured to be a member of the Board and look forward to contributing to its important work, which clearly builds on the many existing initiatives already underway through UN agencies. I hope the Board can contribute in a very tangible way to the “surge in diplomacy for peace” which Secretary-General Guterres has made a central pillar of his work.”


The Right Reverend Justin Welby has been Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Anglican Communion since 2013. He is a former Bishop of Durham, Dean of Liverpool and Canon of Coventry Cathedral, who joined the Church of England after an early career in the oil industry. Archbishop Welby has long blended deep devotion to his parish communities with Church work around the world, especially in areas of conflict. In his inaugural sermon he evoked the courage to face up to the work of reconciliation, and he has since identified reconciliation as one of the three priority areas for his ministry.


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