• 2014 | Author: Thania Paffenholz (HD Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue)

    Broadening participation in peace processes - Dilemmas and Options for Mediators

    This paper seeks to provide mediators and mediation teams with a better understanding of, and options for, broadening participation in peace negotiations without reducing the effectiveness of the mediation process. The question of participation is analyzed from a process design perspective: ‘Who should participate in which phase, role and form in order to achieve the desired objective?’ It also looks at challenges and how to manage them, and presents nine participations models based on existing practices. 

  • 2013 | Author: John Packer (Civil Society Dialogue Network-CSDN)

    Challenges and Opportunities of Inclusivity in Peace Processes

    This paper examines the challenges and opportunities of inclusion with reference to existing norms and standards of contemporary international relations and law. Examples from practice will be cited. In doing so, it is intended that practitioners will be better informed and able to design and implement effective processes of conflict prevention, resolution or peacebuilding, not least in the context of political transitions. This paper has been produced in the framework of the Civil Society Dialogue Network.

  • 2009 | Author: Accord, Conciliation Resources

    Public participation in peacemaking

    This policy brief from draws on the findings from Accord 'Owning the process: Public participation in peacemaking' and explores how negotiations and peace processes can be more inclusive. It reveals strategies for more democratic peacemaking with a focus on the mechanisms of public participation in peacemaking used in South Africa, Guatemala and Mali.