Third Parties

  • 2013 | Author: K. Herbolzheimer, E.Leslie (Conciliation Resources)

    Innovation in Mediation Support: The International Contact Group in Mindanao

    This practice paper explores the role played by the International Contact Group (ICG) for the Mindanao peace process in achieving a framework peace agreement, and examines the contribution of hybrid mechanisms to the field of mediation and conflict transformation. The ICG for the Mindanao peace process was established in 2009, and is composed of four states and four international NGOs.

  • 2010 | Author: T.Whitfield (HD Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue)

    External Actors in Mediation: Dilemmas and Options for Mediators

    This paper explores various means by which international mediators may relate to and involve other external actors in a peace process. Developing strategies involves consideration of how to make best use of leverage, assets, knowledge and access that other external actors may have; how to neutralise or block unhelpful external interference; and how to create or encourage a broad base of support for settlement.