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Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement


This agreement between the Government of Sudan and the Eastern Sudan Front comprises four chapters addressing:

(1) Governance issues and the political participation of Eastern Sudan people, including the establishment of an Coordinating Council for Eastern Sudan States;

(2) Economic, social and cultural issues including the principle of wealth sharing and management of natural resources;

(3) Provisions on a ceasefire and  security sector reform including integration of the Eastern Front into the national army; and,

(4) Calls for a Consultative Conference on the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement (ESPA), gathering all the stakeholders (including traditional leaders, political parties, civil society organizations, trade unions, religious leaders, business leaders and members of the diaspora)

The timeline for implementation is annexed to the document, along with additional agreements including:

  • Declaration of Principles for the Resolution of the Conflict in Eastern Sudan
  • Agreement for Creating Conducive Atmosphere for Peace
  • Agreement for Implementation of the Provisions Agreement for Creating a Conducive Atmosphere for Peace
  • Tripoli Agreement between the Government of Sudan and Free Lions Movemen
  • Implementation Of Tripoli Agreement Signed Between The Sudanese Government And The Free Lions Organization
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