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Women Mediator Networks

In recent years, Member States and regional organizations have begun establishing networks of women mediators, who are involved at different levels of peace processes. They provide pools of experts who can contribute to peace processes and can also be available for senior appointment by Member States, regional organizations and the United Nations.

While women are often actively engaged in mediation processes at community levels, their expertise is often overlooked when it comes to formal, high-level peace initiatives. In recent years, there have been an expansion of different national, regional, and global mediator networks to address this gap.

Regional women mediator networks include:

The Global Alliance of Regional Women Mediators Networks, launched in September 2019, was also initiated to amplify common goals and strengthen coordination and cooperation among networks.

The expanding networks can contribute strengthening efforts to support women’s participation and leadership and gender responsive peacemaking and promote implementation of the Secretary-General’s initiative for a surge in diplomacy for peace.