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Standby Team of Senior Mediation Advisers

The Standby Team is composed of world-leading mediation experts who can be rapidly deployed to provide advice on a wide range of issues that tend to arise in mediation and preventive diplomacy efforts, including: the design and management of dialogue processes, constitution-making, gender and inclusion issues, natural resources, power-sharing, and security arrangements. The Team’s services are available, without cost, to United Nations envoys, peace operations and Country Teams, as well as to regional organizations and partners with whom the United Nations works closely in conflict mediation, dialogue facilitation, and good offices worldwide.

Established in 2008, the Standby Team is a group of full-time mediation experts that can be rapidly deployed to provide technical advice to United Nation’s officials and others leading mediation and conflict prevention efforts. Team members possess expertise in a wide range of issues that tend to arise in negotiations including constitution-making, gender issues, natural resources, power-sharing, process design and security arrangements.