Resources Overview

The resources section of UN Peacemaker aims to provide actors involved in peace processes and the negotiation of peace agreements with key knowledge material to support their work effectively. These resources include UN documents and guidance in the areas of conflict prevention and mediation, as well as a selected library of publications focusing on specific thematic issues that often need to be addressed during a mediation process.




This section contains a selection of UN documents in the

areas of mediation and conflict prevention, including reports of the Secretary-General as well as resolutions and documents from the Security Council and the General Assembly.


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This section contains UN guidance material for setting up and

managing mediation initiatives. The material provides 

practitioners with practical advice and options in addressing

some of the key challenges in mediation to maximize the

chances for success.


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UN Peacemaker’s library provides reference material on

specific thematic and process issues that often arise during

mediation processes. The library includes a selection of 

articles, manuals, handbooks and case studies by

practitioners and academics.           


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